Guest at Radio 1 Academy

Last Wednesday, I was chosen to appear on a panel of professionals in the field of Journalism as part of a Q&A session for the Radio 1 and 1Xtra Academy. It was an honour to be chosen to represent alongside the other panellists. I tried to give some useful tips I’ve picked up over the last couple years of blogging and interviewing and also learnt some myself from the other far more experienced journalists!

There was a wide range of journalists on the panel:
Benji Lanyado, Writer/blogger for the Guardian
Michael Buchanan, Senior BBC journalist
Charlene White, Journalist/presenter for ITN
And the session was hosted by Caroline Thomson, Chief Operations Officer for the BBC

So although I am clearly far less experienced than the others and not employed, I still felt the session was very helpful and productive. It was great to catch up with Benji too, who was my first mentor and helped me set up my first blog. A highlight of the day was Michael’s story he told us that he experienced when reporting on the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans back in August 2005.


About Joe Mason

My name is Joe Mason, I'm a 20 year-old Londoner living in Hackney, a host borough for the 2012 Olympic Games. Through this blog I explored how the Games affected local people. I was part of a group of students taking part in a program called Headstart. Now I use this as a platform for creative writing, audio, film, and digital.
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