The Olympic Experience

Last Monday, I went to the Olympic Park and took part in the Olympic Experience. This is how I describe being in the Olympic Park all day and joining in with the activities and watching the event in the evening. I had a ticket to the evening session of Handball where I saw two quality matches between Croatia and Spain, and France and Sweden.

My event started at 7.30pm so I decided to get into the Park earlier on with my ticket and see what it was all about. The Park was crammed full of fans all excited to see their event and just take part in this special occasion.

I spent a few hours sitting on the grass at the ‘Park Live’ area. This was where the big screens were and where hundreds of fans watched live action at the Park. I saw Team GB win a gold medal at the Velodrome and also one in the Equestrian. During the medal ceremonies, the crowd all stood up and sang along to God Save The Queen!

Having spent too much money on over-priced food and queued for almost 20 minutes for some tap water, It was eventually time to enter the Copper Box Arena. This stadium has been nicknamed, ‘The box that rocks’ from its lively atmosphere. The enclosed venue was filled and although most of the fans were British watching a sport we suck at, the spectators were still enjoying the action and joining in with the chants. I supported ‘Les Bleus’ in the second game as their fans were loudest singing ‘Aller les bleus!’ and their team won comfortably.


Even though my ticket was the cheapest in the Arena, my seat was still great and I watched the action just above where all the athletes from the nations competing that night were sitting and supporting their team. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many Croatian athletes came out to cheer their team to victory. There were Olympic medallists in the corner and it really came across to me that the Croatian team spirit was far more apparent than other nations.

I left the Park at 11ish and cycled back home from Victoria Park where I could lock up my bike in the free space in the park and get a free service on my bike if I wanted. A great aspect of the Games for locals.


About Joe Mason

My name is Joe Mason, I'm a 20 year-old Londoner living in Hackney, a host borough for the 2012 Olympic Games. Through this blog I explored how the Games affected local people. I was part of a group of students taking part in a program called Headstart. Now I use this as a platform for creative writing, audio, film, and digital.
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